Hello. I'm Ryan Mulkey.

S/EAR, 2014 (updated 2018)

BuraBura desk lamp, 2016

Paranoid Ghost, 2014

Desperate Rabbit, 2014

geometric neon, 2014

egg extractor, 2013

milkable utter, 2013

Sound Wall, 2013

Thermo-Stapler, 2013

Solar Chandelier, 2012

Bio-Prescient Smart Table, 2012

Phonofrustes Lamp, 2011

Fold Lamp, 2011

Trickster Lamp, 2010

Contact Lamp, 2009

Untitled Wall Pattern, 2009

Chenille Basketball Chair, 2003

N64 Crayon Controller, 2007

Acupuncture Lamp, 2007

Plane Lamp, 2002

Eat With Your Hands Training Model, 2007

E.T. Toe, 2006

Faucet Face, 2002

Bath Stoppers, 2003-2006

Untitled Leaded Glass Window, 2000

I Love You Like The Military Does, 2004

Laptop Desk, 2006

Dust Mask Lamp, 2003

Spaghetti Rug, 2003

Thermo-Stapler (object from the Violent Fluffers performance Dances: Body), 2013

A stapler modified with an infrared thermo-sensor conected to an Arduino. This thing reads the ambient or surface
temperature remotely and displays the temperature in celcius and fahrenheit every1/4 of a second. It also reads "BODY"
on a seperate screen when the stapler crosses skin during the performance. It's a safety device!Check out the
performance HERE - definitetly easier than trying to figure out my description!)

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