Hello. I'm Ryan Mulkey.

Spring 2013 - The Violent Fluffers: Dance: Body

The live performance version of the Dances series with Justin Messina using the sound wall
to create a real-time composition! Katarzyna Gawin be taking photos while I staple Jonathan to the wall!

Spring 2013 - Soce The Elemental Wizard: I Just Wanna Dance

What's Hiram, Deepak, and Ryan up to now? A music video? Soce hired us to do his video!
Check it out here: DANCE!

Fall 2012 - Baking w/ Dr. Mercury: Ribs

Watch the zany underground scientist show you how to cook ribs! Go here to:Get Ribbed

Spring 2012 - Ultra-Mega Oscars 2012

The Cannery Collective (us - the guys behind Capitol Science), were asked to do the Oscars at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn. So we did a bunch of stuff including nominee swedes. Here's the link to some of the stuff: SWEDES! Here's the link to the cinema listing: NITEHAWK!

Spring 2012 - Capitol Science: Baking w/ Dr. Mercury

Dr. Mercury's video blog on the creation of the carrot cake! Go here to: Get Baked!

Fall 2011 - Capitol Science is here!

Capitol Science is a new show that I'm working on with Hiram Becker, Deepak Ananthapadmanahba and the crew. It's a lo-fi sci-fi soap opera set in Brooklyn. Episodes and supplemental video blogs on the characters coming soon! Check out the trailer to our pilot episode here @Capitol Science

Summer 2011 - Translation is Dialogue

Nathan Williams asked The Violent Fluffers to participate in Translation is Dialogue by Arlene Tucker. We had alot of fun with this project! Here is our translation: The Violent Fluffers: Dances and check out some of the other interpretations http://arlene.edicypages.com/translation-is-dialogue/some-interpretations

Summer 2011 - The Violent Fluffers and Bushwick Open Studios

Since the Spring Jonathan Checler, Katarzyna Gawin, and I formed The Violent Fluffers to make stuff together. Check us out! Here's the link to our BOS listing: The Violent Fluffers Open Studio. Our website is THEVIOLENTFLUFFERS.COM. Also check out Katarzyna's website at KGAWIN.TK and Jonathan's at JONATHANCHECLER.TK

Summer 2010 - Space Conquest

I am currently working on a rooftop camping project with Jonathan Checler. We slept and ate on the roof for 2 days while building our campsite structure. Meredith M. Carlson patiently photographed the process. She was awesome and the photos look great! Her documentation will be used for a photo magazine that we are creating. Check out her work at http://meredithmcarlson.blogspot.com/ and http://autoptical.blogspot.com/

Spring 2010 - New Lamp In The Works

Sculpted and cast canine skull oozing glow-in-the-dark plastic over glass. Yummy!

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